Bobs Bait And Tackle Outer Banks Fishing Report 3/29/2019

Fishing Report: Duck and Corolla beach we are getting some puffers and dogfish.

Our Charters: Half days are mainly getting dogfish and some bluefish.

Our Offshore Charters are getting good numbers of yellowfin tuna when they can get out.

South Beach Hatteras areas are getting puffers, sea mullet, bluefish, and some big red drum near the point.

Conditions in Duck: Water temp is 51 degrees. Winds are SSW at 9 knots. High tide 2:30pm. Next low tide 8:54pm.

Fishing Report 3/1/19

We are now open for the 2019 season. We have new inventory on sale coming in daily. High tide today was at 12:17 pm low tide will be 6:29 pm. The beaches in Hatteras I have heard of some black drum, whiting, and puffer fish.

Fishing Report 3/3/19

As of today really haven’t heard of anyone fishing off the beach up here in Duck and Corolla. I suspect it would be skates, dogfish, and maybe a stray puffer. On the other hand we do have a good sale going on for the next couple weeks.