Holiday Red Drum Duck Surf 12/28/22

A holiday red drum caught from Duck surf yesterday by Mike Belcher from PA. We are open from 8:00am till 5:00pm until December 30th, we will then reopen in March 2023. Happy holidays to everyone. Red drum

Outer Banks Fishing Report 10/11/22

Fishing on the Outer Banks has been really good. Lots of red drum, speckled trout, bottom fish, bluefish, and shark on the surf. We have fresh bait arriving daily. Picture of Cody Keys and crew catching some nice fish. Outer Banks

Outer Banks Fishing Report 10/5/22

Outer Banks Fishing Report, today weather finally looks good. Should be plenty of red drum, trout, bluefish, and bottom fish. We have plenty of fresh baits in stock for all your fishing needs. Outer banks Bob’s Bait and Tackle fishing